I Miss Travelling and how!

How our lives changed these past 2 years! If someone had told me that we would all be stuck in a pandemic situation, I never would have believed it to be true. This pandemic has impacted us in so many ways and changed our perspective of looking at life. I for one am so very thankful for being safe thus far and find solace and happiness in the smallest of things now.

Every year at the beginning of January, I would eagerly await the holiday list rolled out by our office to check which dates fall on a bank holiday. I would usually plan my trips for the year around long weekends so as to utilize bare minimum leaves and save the number of leaves to plan yet more trips πŸ™‚

2020 till date, with the Coronavirus pandemic still in vogue, the travel industry has definitely suffered. With numerous flights cancelled, hotels closed down, local tourism hit affecting the livelihood of many people, we have felt the pinch of no travel.

Unfortunately for us travelers, we miss the travel experience, finding the little hidden gems like a quaint coffee shop tucked away in a corner on a busy road or a lesser known beach when you are driving from one place to another. You get the jist! My 2 happy feet miss travel so much. But why do we miss travelling?

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The new age Travelling era

Before we actually deep dive into why we miss travel so much, lets consider how travel will chalk out in the post pandemic times. Obviously some countries are open for travel with certain rules & restrictions in place, others are still grappling with the “new wave” and getting their entire population vaccinated hence keeping their borders closed for foreigners.

We live in a time when we don’t know if most sightseeing places, famous landmarks, amusement parks, national parks, adventure activities, restaurants etc. will be open. Being closed for almost over a year, every business is trying to find the “right price” to price their products/ services. The Uncertainty of things is very real!

I for once do not want to plan a holiday and worry about being quarantined while returning home!

Top 10 reasons why I miss Travelling

Here’s my list of top 10 reasons what I miss most about travelling. Lets go!

Dreaming of the place

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Yup, you read that right. Haven’t we all planned a trip based on a picture of a beautiful location that we saw on social media. I for once planned my 2 weeks in Italy Trip based on a picture of Manarola in Cinque Terre Italy and decided then and there that I had to visit this beautiful place. Color popped houses hugging the cliff, sprawling lush green vineyards, sparkling sea, you get the picture.

I allow myself to dream that I will be in some place new soon exploring the beauty that it has to offer. Dreaming to escape reality which bring me to the 2nd reason.

To Escape reality

Travel is a form of escape. Escape from routine mundane work, escape from your daily life, escape from your daily surrounding. When we travel, we break our daily cycle and enter into a different zone. We try new cuisines, we meet new people, we are in new surroundings. We feel charged up and energetic breaking the routine and getting out of our comfort zone too. We leave behind our worries, our stresses, our tensions and experience happy emotions. We leave our monotonous lives behind for newer experiences.

2020 has been difficult for all of us emotionally. We did get to work from home however a lot of newspapers have reported people feeling burnt-out. Travel even locally – in the form of staycations, helps keep us sane and offers something to look forward to which bring me to the 3nd main point.

Travel Planning

To be honest, I find travel planning more exciting that the travel itself. The rush of deciding on a new destination, finalizing the tourist attraction and off the beaten path places to visit, compiling a list of restaurants and cafes to not miss, creating a travel itinerary.

I am a nerd when it comes to travel. I print out my itineraries, take prints of all the tourist attraction tickets and hotel reservations and create a place/city wise file. Considering its not a very eco friendly option, I have recently come across travel apps wherein one can store all this information. Save paper!

Rush of seeing a new place

The sheer rush of stepping into a new place is something I miss. That feeling of taking it all in and absorbing every little detail, the smell of the new city, different sounds that hit your ears, people in different clothes typical to their region. The excitement and the feeling of newness is something I miss a lot.

Fun time with friends

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Travel with girl, Travelling companion Miss travel Miss travelling captions Miss travelling quotes

This is what I miss the most!

Once a year, my friends and I get together and plan a trip together abroad. The world is large and we intend to see it before we die! My friends and I made a pact that every year we will take some time off and discover a new place and soak in a new culture. Right from meeting up and finalizing the tourist places to visit to finally embarking on our travel journey, I miss the excitement. I miss the fun times at the airport, the laughter, the never ending conversations over a cup of coffee awaiting to board the flight. I miss taking pictures with them when donning our best outfits. The late nights partying and singing at the top of our voices.

I vividly remember this one time when we were partying in Bangla Road in Phuket. The street was alive and all the pubs were filled with people drinking and enjoying the music. We sang and danced till 3 am in the night, sat on the beach enjoying the breeze for a while and finally made our way to our hotel at twilight. Gosh, I Miss this time and I wish we can travel soon!

Meeting Kindhearted people

I have had so many instances of people displacing warmth, affection and kindness to me whenever I have faced any difficulty during my travels. One of the important aspects of travel for me to the experience of meeting new people, sharing a chat with them and who knows some of them stay friends with you for life. I would love to share few instances of people being extremely kind towards me.

Back in 2016, when I was travelling to Istanbul Turkey, my wallet got flicked on the very first day when I was travelling in a tram. I lost some money but luckily my passport got saved. Obviously I was upset and it was a dampener as I had another 8 days to go in Turkey. I wanted to file a police complaint however my dilemma was that I could not speak Turkish. That’s when the hotel manager stepped in and came with me to the police station. Not only did he translate the whole story to the police officer but he spent over 2 hours of his precious time to help me. To this day, I will never forget his sweet gesture.

Another instance is of these 2 ladies I met during my trip together to Positano Amalfi Coast, they were both in their 60’s and we were staying at the same B&B. Once we got talking, we came to know that they were from the USA and they fly to Positano every year same time and stay at the same B&B! They gave us such amazing recommendations of where to eat, which places to see and such tips to make the most of our 4 days in Positano. Each day we would chat and we even decided to meet up later in Rome. Meeting such wonderful people during my travels is something I miss a lot now.


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Miss Travel food Food at Amalfi Coast Italy Travel Miss travel Misstravel

I miss travelling for sure but do you know what I miss more? FOOD. Yes, that’s right.

Staying at home in 2020 in these pandemic times, cooking my own meals (I don’t fancy cooking) got me longing for one important element of travelling – FOOD. I am missing all kinds of food. Deserts, savories you name it! India is home to varied spices and is supposedly the food capital of the world. As one moves from one state to another, the food too changes and one can experience authentic cuisine native to the specific state. Being a vegetarian, I don’t have many options when it come to food however some places have really surprise me with their veg cuisines.

Back in 2016 in Cappadocia, I remember eating a unique dish in Sedef – a restaurant recommended by our hotel manager. It was a vegetable pot kebab. The most interesting part of the dish was when the server came to our table with the dish and he enacted hitting the pot with a big knife. He then smiled and split the pot in two showing us the delicious curry. I surely miss the food during my travels but I also miss such unique experiences.

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Miss Food in Cappadocia

Another thing I miss are the delicious desserts and gelatos from Italy. There is this place called “La Zagara” In Positano that has deserts that will give you food coma!

Desserts in Positano

Desserts in Positano

Immersing in a different culture

Yes, travelling is about breaking out of our routine and living new experiences but it is also about experiencing new cultures. Understanding the social etiquettes, respecting their clothing, understanding the history behind the place, visiting their historical sites, taking cooking classes and learning their famous dish. Every country has something different to offer and I miss travelling to these places and learning something new.

Learning a new language

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That’s right. Learning to say hello, thank you and Yes please in a foreign language. I love to see people’s reaction when you greet them in their language. The smile on their face says it all πŸ™‚ After all even I feel very happy when a traveler visiting India, Greets us “Namaste” (meaning Hello in Hindi).

Trying out different adventure activities

My passion for travel has turned me into an adventurous person. While finalizing a particular place to visit, I find out in advance the adventure activities that the place has to offer. We live only once and I intend to get over my fears and push myself harder. From Paragliding over Mountain Babadag in Oludeniz, Turkey to Bungee Jumping / Sky Dive in South Africa, these adventure sports have taught me a lot. They have taught me to brave my fears and live life to the fullest!

Road trips

What better way to experience a new place than hitting the road. A long car drive along a scenic route with good music playing in the background sounds heavenly. There are some countries that are best explored by road when you travel from one place to another. One such road trip that you will absolutely love is the scenic “garden route in South Africa”.

Staying Humble

Last but the most important point for me is staying humble. Travelling that taught me that I should be thankful for what I have. I have had many instances over the past where I have travelled to different countries and interacted with people who wish they could travel. One instance that I vividly remember is my conversation with a masseuse in Bali. Bali has majority Hindu population unlike the rest of Indonesia. This lady told me that she would love to explore India some day and pay her respects at the various Hindu temples, once she collects some substantial sum to travel. I counted my stars and said a mental thank you to God for providing for us and truly hope that her wishes get fulfilled someday.

Things to do when you Miss Travelling

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I Miss Travelling,

With so many government regulations in place because of this pandemic, one may not be able to travel often to ones hearts content.

But that does not restrict one from dreaming. Apart from a few staycations in my own city, this is what I do when I

miss travelling.

Look at old pictures

I love clicking pictures and going through them whenever I remember anything from the trip. It brings a sense of satisfaction and a smile to my face. I miss travelling with my friends so much that I keep going back to my Thailand and South Africa album and remember the good old times.

Watch Movies of the country

I had plans to visit Croatia sometime this year. Being a fan of George R Martin books, I also fell in love with GOT series. What better way to enjoy Dubrovic then watch GOT! If Paris is a place you have been dreaming of then watch “Emily In Paris” to enjoy the Parisian life, style and couture.

Make Next travel plans

Why not plan your next itinerary in detail and save some cost by splurging on any last minute bookings. Surely we all would have a place that we would love to travel to this year. So our plan got delayed to travel by a few months, this time can be utilized by putting more efforts in planning and reading about more information about tourist attraction places, restaurants, pubs, shopping malls etc.


If you love blogging as much as I do, then get set to Write πŸ™‚ What better way to reminisce the good old travelling days than to put to put it to pen and paper. At least that’s what I am doing. Think about the best memories from the place and fill in your travel journal or blog.

Read travel stories

Immerse yourself in the stories narrated by people from their travel experiences. Some instances are so funny that they will make you laugh whereas some like the one I mentioned about Turkey, will prepare you to be more careful with your belonging, the next time you travel.
What do you miss most about travelling? Do you do anything apart from the points mentioned above? If so I would love to hear from you.

Here’s hoping that we come out of the pandemic soon and are able to travel and explore the world.

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Hi Guys, I am Jes. A finance professional living in India but always dreaming of being someplace else at the moment. I was hit by the travel bug about 3 years back and since then my 2 happy feet haven't stopped exploring what the world has to offer. So why did I decide to start a travel blog when obviously there are so many out there already! The idea was to give you a peep into my actual travel steps. How I decided on a location, how I got about going there, how I decided to stay at a certain place, how I managed the expenses and so on. Most travel pages will give you super edited pics to woo you but I would like to display the actual facts for you to understand things better. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoyed jotting down the pointers for you.


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    Though you wrote about your traveling story. But when I was reading your article I thought I’m reading my travel story.


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