Hi Guys, I'm Jes

A finance professional from Mumbai hit by the travel bug. I started travelling about 7 years back and my travelling feet haven’t stopped since. To be honest, I love the idea of planning my next travel destination, having the itinerary in place much more than travelling. They say that the journey is much more exciting than the destination. So here I am penning down my journeys, travel hacks, budget plans with the hope that you would be benefited from the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

My travelling journey

My travelling feet have taken me to some beautiful places around the world. From the remote locations in Turkey to some adventure activities in South Africa. My travelling itch has only grown with time. My travel idea is to explore the local spots that every country has to offer and not just explore the popular tourist destinations.

Why Tourist to Traveller?

I think in today’s world it’s more about going to a place, clicking a pic and uploading it on social media. How many of us are guilty of the same? How many of us go to the unexplored offbeat places to discover some hidden gems. So this page is about transforming you from a tourist to a traveller.

Why blog?

I decided to pen down my travel diaries as I am a through and through budget planner. With limited funds to travel, I would always find out best deals to explore more places in a pocket friendly manner. My friends and family started asking me to plan trips for them which finally gave me the idea to start this blog. All of the trips are funded by me as travelling is something I prioritise over other luxuries in life. I have visited a couple of countries so far and I am hopeful that the detailed itineraries will be of help to plan your travels.

What to expect from this blog?

I am not a content creator nor a photographer. You can expect real/ candid feedback and opinions on the places that I have travelled, Yes this means showing you the reality about the place, the crowded lanes, the not so happy moments during travelling etc.

This blog will be your one stop shop for your travel plans.

Is this my full time job?

No, I am a finance professional working in a 9-5 job who loves to explore new places. I prefer having work life balance and I do not see myself travelling around the year.

I would love to hear from you and am happy to answer any travel related queries. Cheers!