Nestled amongst the mountains of Naneghat lies this quaint boutique resort – Taalish. Artistically carved wooden cabins perched on the cliff offer a panoramic view of the misty fog encompassing the valley.

Taalish is a rare combination of privacy and luxury indulgence. Tucked away in a quaint corner atop the mountain, the resort adds a dash of rustic charm.

About Naneghat

Naneghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, located between the ancient town of Junnar and the Konkan region. Interesting trivia – Nane means “Coin” and Ghat Means “passage” hence the place derived its name from the toll collection from traders crossing the mountain for trade between Kalyan and Junnar.

How to reach Naneghat

From Mumbai : Located at approx 170 kms from Mumbai, the best way to reach is by car. There are bus services from Kalyan to the town of Junnar. However, there is very limited transportation from Junnar to reach Taalish Resort.

From Pune : Located approx 120 kms from Pune, again the best way to reach is by car.

Story behind Taalish Resort

Taalish means “The Lord of the Earth” and the resort depicts just that in every sense. “Petrichor ” – the earthy smell of water hitting the soil leaves you in a trance here perfectly befitting the name – Taalish..

Subham – The owner of the resort, a prominent local of Junnar, had a vision to build a quick getaway from Mumbai and Pune to offer people an opportunity to relax and unwind at a place they can call Home away from Home. Having garnered good experience in the hotel industry himself with renowned resorts such as Malhar Machi, Jalsrushti Island etc, Shubham had a vision in mind of how he wanted Taalish to be built. He wanted the resort to offer the choicest of amenities but at the same thing stay true to the name – Taalish. Hence one will notice that huge rugged stones make the formation of the resort depicting the mountains surrounding the resort.

First Impressions

The reception sets the tone of the resort – Its all about huge jagged rocks and wooden furniture everywhere. Interestingly a lot of the unique stuff has been brought from Bali. Every item in the resort has been placed tastefully.

Taalish is like an Oasis in a desert. Your eyes immediately capture in the greenery of the lawns surrounding you. There is a small fountain that adds a soothing touch to the place. Different types of Flora encompass the resort.

The rooms are set away from the reception and restaurant and one has to make their way uphill and across a wooden bridge to reach the rooms. I have been told that in monsoon the water flows below the bridge and it makes for a perfect spot to stand and soak in the valley view.

The Rooms

Built high on a mountain admist nature, each wooden cabin offers panoramic view of the deep valley and clear skies.

Wake up to the sound of the birds calling to you and the valley covered in deep fog. Sit on the patio in the evenings enjoying a cup of coffee and watch the sky turn from hues of pink to black till the stars finally come out.

The resort has 6 wooden cabins in all, each named after a flower or a mythological figure.

Standard Rooms

They have 4 standard rooms, each unique in its own way namely Sonki, Kusum, Anjani & Moha

Executive Rooms

They have 2 Executive rooms to give you a taste of luxury namely Arjun & Haritki. Again these 2 are unique in their make.

Our Room – Arjun

We had the privilege of staying in Arjun.

Upon setting foot in the room, the first thing one notices is rays of light cascading through the glass ceiling adding yellow hues to the wooden theme.

The room is spacious with a rustic charm. Every wall of the room is adorned with unique artifacts. The owners have left no stone unturned and added a lot of thoughtful touches to the room.

The room has no Air conditioning and i’ts not needed either as the temperature is always pleasant. The room does have a fan in case needed.

I loved the cozy fireplace – it was my personal space where I would just sit and read my book.

The room had the following amenities;

  • Fireplace/ Heater
  • Fan
  • Kettle
  • Toiletries

I loved the fact that the room had a private patio overlooking the valley where one can sit and relax. We woke up to the call of the birds and the scent of nature.

The Bathroom

Yes this deserves a special mention and let me tell you why. The bathroom too is fitted with full length windows overlooking the valley, giving you the feeling of bathing out in the wild. The bathroom had a unique brass vessel to contain water for bathing unlike the plastic buckets that we see in most hotels.

The Restaurant

Deccan Spice – the restaurant is a tribe to the region where the hotel is built i.e. The Deccan Plateau. Babu – the chef leaves no stone unturned in churning out sumptuous meals for us everyday. They serve both veg and non veg meals.

I particularly loved the Panner Masala and Hariyali sabji with tawa paratha.

Please note that they serve buffet food however they check what the customers would like to eat before prepping the food.

Activities at Taalish Resort

Table Tennis/ Pool/ Carrom

Challenge your partner to a game of Table tennis or pool. Relieve the childhood memories by playing carrom with your friends and family.

Swing/ Hammock

My favorite spot in the resort was the hammock. Perched in the shadow of the surrounding trees, lie on the hammock listening to music.

Step on the swing overlooking the resort.


You can request the team at the resort to light up a bonfire for you on chilly nights. Enjoy a cozy evening watching the flames dance and cascade their golden light.

Star Gazing

Lay down on the grass and watch the stars come out to play at night.

Nature Trail

If you are up for some adventure then the resort organizes a nature trail in the surrounding mountains.

Pros of Taalish Resort

  • Beautiful resort tucked away admist nature offering great valley views.
  • The staff is very sweet and cordial who go out of their way to accommodate the smallest request of the customers.
  • Each wooden cottage is unique and gives you a feeling of rustic charm with luxury.

Cons of Taalish Resort

  • Being perched atop a mountain, the time taken to reach the resort is more. One cannot travel here without their own vehicle as public transportation is limited.
  • The resort is far away from the village hence there is no option of going to a nearby restaurant.

Good to Know

  • The resort can serve as a great destination venue for wedding, pre wedding shoots, engagements and also corporate events.
  • Since the resort provides a full board option (all meals included) for every additional person staying in the room, the cost includes the cost of food + stay of the additional person. Please check on these charges in advance.
  • Being tucked away in a remote location, be prepared to face some network issues. Reliance Jio works best here.

Contact & Location of Taalish Resort

Address : Taalish Resort , Ghatghar , junnar, Maharashtra 410502

Contact Number : 084089 41919

Website :


I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and if you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of city life then this is the perfect detox place for you!

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Taalish Resort for generously sponsoring my stay in exchange for this honest review. As always, you are getting my sincere and candid opinions.

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