The sun playing hide and seek through the green canopy of trees, the butterflies skittering from one flower to another, the cuckoo calling out to us in a melodious voice and the oh so perfect cottage nestled in the middle sums up my very first impression of Souzagad.

What does Souzagad Mean?

The very name Souzagad has its origins from the proteges word “Susegad” which in English means “ Take it Easy” and the place resonates the meaning in every sense.

The owners – Suresh & Susan D’souza decided to bring their expertise (owners of Dekshadesignstudio) to the table and create a home away from the hustle and bustle of main city Mumbai. The idea was to create a home amidst nature where one can enjoy some memorable family time.

Being D’souzas they decided to combine their surname to Susegad and coined the name – “Souzagad”.

How to reach Souzagad?

Souzagad villas are located at just 2 hours from Thane and 2.45 hours from Mumbai. The best way to reach here is by your own vehicle.

First Impressions

The driveway to reach the beautiful villa opens to up to a narrow pathway strewn with small pebbles and flanked by trees on both sides. The entrance to the villa reminded me of my stay in Bali – easy homely vibes. Small intricate details such as a wind chim dancing in the breeze and playing a melodious tone, 2 tall wooden artifacts, a very fashionable welcome sign greeted us.

The villa has a huge patio with cozy seating arrangements. One can nestle themselves under the shade of the bougainvillea sipping their coffee. The villa also opens up to a rather large garden with a swing and a hammock to relax on and spend those afternoon siestas.

The Souzagad Villa

They say that things you do with love ooze a positive energy and aura, that’s exactly what we felt when we stepped into the villa.

Since Souzagad was supposed to be the personal abode of the D’souzas, they have poured in their heart and soul in making it homely and their own piece of heaven. The whole house is filled with small intricate personal touches.

True to their goan background, the house is filled with vibrant paintings. One can clearly make out that the house have been loving built over time by adding pieces from their travels to give it the final touch.

The Hall

The hall, built in a modern taste, is spacious. Despite serving mouth watering food whipped up by their caretaker, there is a small kitchenette with all the necessary utensils to whip up a meal. Comes in very handy especially if you have a toddler in tow with you.

The Bedrooms

The villa encompasses 2 uber chic bedrooms, each built in a different style.

Bedroom 1 has a modern spacious bathroom attached (well more on it a little later) . What caught my eye was the wall with silver lotus design and a goan resting armchair to relax and unwind.

Bedroom 2 has a pop of colour from yellow tiled floor and blue sofa. A lot of paintings and artifacts adorn the walls.

The Bathroom

Would you imagine someone putting in a lot of thought in making a bathroom? The walls are adorned with cute hangings. The bathroom attached to the master bedroom also comes with a tub to soak in and relax.


The food at Souzagad is homely and farm fresh. Their caretaker whips up some mouth watering local dishes. We particularly loved the bhindi masala and mix vegetables and panner sabji.

The food would be incomplete if not accompanied by some garam garam “kanda bhajis” at teatime. So do give it a try when you come to stay at Souzagad.

Activities to do at Souzagad

While I would have loved to only laze around in the villa, there are quite a few activities that one can opt for in Souzagad.


A stay at Souzagad would be incomplete if you miss the highlight of this property. If you love water activities then this ones for you. The villa is built on the bank of Ulhas river and one can enjoy a nice evening kayaking in the waters.

Infinity Swimming Pool

Cool off from the crazy summer heat by taking a dip into the infinity swimming pool overlooking the Ulhas river.

Barbecue Nights & Bar

Enjoy fun filled barbecue nights with friends and family at Souzagad. The caretaker can help you with the barbecue preparations at a nominal additional cost or you can set it up yourself. Just ask the caretaker to help you get some local produce from the market and you are good to go!

Board Games & Books

Try your hand at a game of billiards, foosball, carrom or a darts game. There is something to keep the kids entertained. Immerse yourself in an interesting story with the plethora books to choose from.


I don’t know about you but I spent most of my time at Souzagad lazing on the hammock.

The sweet call of the Cuckoo and the warm summer breeze lulled me into a short nap lying on the hammock.

Chase Butterflies

How many places can boast of ample flora and fauna. My best memories from the stay will be of my daughter laughing with glee chasing butterflies 🙂

Pros of Souzagad

  1. We loved every bit of our stay here and were actually reluctant to return home. Right from the beautiful homely villas to the food, it doesn’t get better than this!
  2. The location is great, considering its only approx 2 hours drive from Mumbai.
  3. Great hospitality, the in house chef wipes up mouth watering dishes based on your requirement.
  4. Bring along your paw friends at no additional cost. Souzagad itself is home to 4 very cute & friendly dogs.

Cons of Souzagad

  1. The last stretch of road leading to the villa is uneven leading to a very bumpy ride.
  2. The place has generators however one will have to bear in mind power cuts in this area of Maharashtra that can dampen ones stay.


Address : Souzagad, Modakvan Society, Nasrapur, Karjat,

Maharashtra – 410101.

Contact Number : 918369907234

Email id :

Website :


They say all good things must come to an end however I know this is not the last that we have seen of Souzagad. The love and warmth of the place has pulled at our heartstrings and I am surely coming back sooner rather than later 🙂

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