I was awakened with a jolt, with groggy eyes I looked outside the car window. I rubbed my eyes and looked again, for a moment my eyes deceived me and I thought that I had been transported to colonial times.

Villa Maria – a heritage colonial style building stands it’s ground in the very heart of Pune. Built in 1931, Villa Maria is one of those few Heritage properties that we can proudly show to our next generation.

The exterior

We made our way through Pebbled stones strewn across the property to reach the building.
What with modern skyscrapers cropping up all over Mumbai and Pune, this building looked like a treat to sore eyes. The history buff in me was surely pleased and I couldn’t wait to explore more.
With hues of white and black stone making up the exterior of the building, what caught my eye was the royal blue door inviting us inside the room.
Fresh bright pink Bougainville adorning the pathway to the door, we finally made our way inside the house.

First Impressions

I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my eyes, the house oozes of luxury. The first thing you see once you enter is the foyer. The decor is modern but the house speaks of a forgotten era – a time untold and I couldn’t wait to explore more.
The afternoon sun casting its light through the tall glass white washed windows added to the charm of the place. Standing next to the open window, I peered outside. Seemed like a paradox – the vehicles moving in the hustle and bustle of daily pune city life and this house here tucked away right in the middle of the city with all its historical charm and calmness.

The Hall

The hall is uber spacious, Luxurious yet so comfortable. With plush sofas to comfy chairs that can easily accommodate a larger group of 6-8 people.
The house boasts of all the amenities to make your stay comfortable. With bose speakers to make you grove to the music, to cozy corners to sit and relax or read a book, to a large television for Netflix and chill to a fully equipped kitchenette to whip up any meals as per your taste buds.
We absolutely adorned the intricate details ,now synonyms with any other Souzagad stay, that adorn the walls and the cabinets. It’s these little little details that add to the whole charm of the place. Huge plants set up in different corners of the house add to the freshness of the house and make it seem like a home away from home.

The bedrooms

The house comprises of 2 spacious bedrooms

The Blue Elephant

With blue touches here and there and white washed walls, the blue elephant transports one to Greece. Equipped with a plush comfortable bed, I had already hit the snooze button on my alarm and slept like a baby.

The Lazy Owl

The Lazy Owl is relatively smaller than the Blue Elephant but equally comfortable with a modern bed and a cabinet to tuck away your stuff. This room is perfect for kids.

The Bathroom

There are 2 bathrooms in the house. Both built in modern taste and equipped with all the necessary toiletries.

The study room

A room where I spent good amount of time. With pictures dating back to a century ago, I took a sneak peak into the past. If you are a voracious reader then you will be happy to know that there is a bookcase with lots of books to keep you engrossed for days.
I loved the small touches, what caught my eye was the ink pen on the study table. Reminded me of my schooling days back in the 90’s.

The backyard

If you are one whose always enthusiastic about barbecue nights then you will be happy to know that Villa Maria arranges one for your group at a nominal additional cost.
Sitting on the bench in the garden under the huge Jammun trees didn’t feel like we were close to Mumbai. What a refreshing experience to be so close to nature despite being in the city.


One can whip up their own meals or order from the plethora of restaurants within 10 mins of the house.
Villa Maria does serve an English breakfast in the morning. Stir fried mushrooms and tomatoes served with freshly toasted bread and a cup of hot coffee. Perfect start to the day !

Good to know 

  • Villa Maria hosts families and couples. Stag parties are not allowed
  • It’s located right in the heart of Pune camp. A few places of prominence like Shree Dagdu sheth Ganpati, Aga Khan palace are located within 30 mins from the house.
  • Being your fluffy friend’s along with you. The home hosts your pet friends too.


Address : 939 Villa Maria, Road, Ardeshir Irani Path, Sadar Bazaar, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Contact Number : 918369907234

Email id :

Website :

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