My eyes opened up to the sound of laughter early in the morning. with groggy eyes, I made my way towards the sounds. I wrapped a shawl around myself and walked into the terrace attached to my room. It was a Misty morning with a beautiful view of the mountains ahead. I peered below the terrace and there was the origin of the sounds. My family was enjoying their breakfast on the lush green lawn and calling out to me.

We were looking for a place to spend the weekend that is away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai City wherein we can enjoy some peace and quiet. That’s when we chanced upon this beautiful stay in Lonavala – Paradise Palms by Limestays. Not only did it fit into our budget but we loved how it’s tucked up in a beautiful area surrounded by mountains.
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Swimming pool


Malavali is a station just before Lonavala. Its famous for a lot of row bungalows. Its a perfect location for those who want to stay away from the crowds of Lonavala.

How to Reach Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms by Limestays is located only 10 mins drive from the Malavali station.
Best way to reach it to drive down from your car and enjoy the drive along the way. If you are on a budget then you can take a l train and get down at Malavali station. From there on you can hire a rickshaw as the villa is located just 10 mins from the station.

The Villa

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The Lawn

Our first impression was of this white washed walls that stretched up to one storey. The greens immediately had a soothing effect on my eyes. Loved how the swimming pool is right next to the lush green lawn. The lawn has a cute seating arrangement where one can enjoy a hot cup of tea in the chilly winters.

The Hall

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The Hall

The hall is super spacious and can easily accommodate a large group of 15-20 people. It is flanked by a dining area with a small kitchenette which comes in handy especially if one is travelling with kids.

The glass of the hall opens up to the huge swimming pool. Talk about diving right into the Pool 🙂
We were completely bowled over with the fact that the swimming pool has a fountain. We immediately changed into our swimming suits and dove into the pool. It was a great start to a perfect weekend getaway.

The bedrooms

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The Bedroom attached with Terrace

Paradise Palms by Limestays has 3 bedrooms in all. One on the ground floor and two on the first floor. One of the bedrooms is attached to a very large terrace. All the bedrooms come with an attached washroom stocked with toiletries.

The Terrace 

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Open Terrace

We loved how the terrace was spacious. It had comfortable chairs and a table too. Perfect for those family board games and chitter chatter.


Paradise Palms has a caretaker who is around to take care of all your food requirements. You can request him to fetch you some food and snacks from the nearby restaurants. Don’t forget to try some yummy batata Vada : local delicacy of Maharashtra and some poha.


  • Accessible by train as it’s only 10 mins drive from Malavali station
  • Budget stay and perfect for a family or large groups.
  • Comes with a private swimming pool and huge terrace


The road leading to the villa is not a motor and tar road and thus the last stretch leading to the house can be a bumpy ride.

Our experience

All in all it was a wonderful stay with our family. Its a perfect getaway in a decent budget. We loved how it was located away from the crowded area and admist mountains.

Contact information

Paradise Palms by Limestays
Contact number : 7887658218

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