Colorful houses hugging the cliffs and tumbling down to meet the vast ocean pop up in ones mind when you say “Amalfi Coast”. Charming old towns with winding roads offering panoramic views at every corner, sparkling sea and pebble beaches truly make it a travelers paradise.

What is the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi coast is a beautiful landscape filled with narrow alleys and stairways, with bougainvillea’s looming over ever corner and the scent of lemon trees lingering in the air. Amalfi is the land where the sun kisses the sea and white sand beaches adorn its shores. This picturesque coastline stretches from Sorrento to Salerno with beautiful towns filling up each part of the coast. These towns, all interconnected with the SS. 163 road, are considered to be the most beautiful scenic costal road of Italy. The total drive takes about 2 hours with stunning views in every corner. They in fact form a part of UNESCO World heritage site.

Where is Amalfi Coast located?

The Amalfi Coast is located in the province of Salerno, in the Campania region of Italy. It stretches from Naples to Salerno.

What is the best time to visit the Amalfi Coast?

Spring (April to June) and Autumn (Sep to Oct) are the best seasons. Blooming flowers make a pleasant sight in spring and sunny weather makes autumn the perfect time. Avoid August when the prices skyrocket and the towns tend to get crowded.

Which is the best town in Amalfi?

Amalfi comprises of 13 picturesque towns on the coastline. Each of the small towns along the coastline have their own unique charm and every town has something different to offer to every type of traveler. Are you a party person who likes to party hard? Or are you a more laid back kind of traveler who prefers lazing around on the beach and going for a dip in the sea?

In either case, there is a town that will suit your needs and give you that perfect vacation.



Unlike the towns on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento has great transport connections which makes getting to and from Naples and the surrounding areas much easier. The train station gives direct access to Naples, Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius and Herculeneum, while its ferry connections allow fast and comfortable travel to the nearby islands of Capri and Ischia. You can also take the ferry to the towns along the Amalfi Coast, avoiding the overcrowded and unreliable bus service and driving on the dangerous roads and paying for expensive parking.

Sorrento boasts a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets although it does become quite pricey in the peak travel months. While there are of course plenty of airbnb’s, there are also some great budget hotels (Hotel Il Faro on the marina is a popular one) and some incredible five star hotels. Most hotels are situated close to Sorrento’s old town which boosts a handful of interesting sights including the Sorrento Men’ Club with its beautiful frescoed dome and Sorrento’s Cathedral. You may also wish to check out the lido’s located below the cliffs close to the marina.

Choose Sorrento if:

  • You prefer to chose from a wide range of accommodation that suits all budgets
  • You do not want the hassle of transportation as is the case with some towns along the coast

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Positano is probably the most instagrammed town on Amalfi coast. Pastel colored houses tumbling down the cliff make for a beautiful backdrop for that Instagram picture. Positano is home to long winding roads with cute little cafes offering mesmerizing views of the sea. Known for its party nightlight, this town is quite famous amongst celebrities. It is also one of the more expensive towns to stay in along the coast. That said, it is also known as a shoppers paradise and one of the chicest towns to stay along the coast.

Chose Positano if:

  • You want to party and enjoy the nightlife along the seaside bars and restaurants
  • You don’t mind splurging more on accommodation
  • You don’t mind the huge crowds that throng along the Fornillo beach in Positano
  • You don’t mind climbing the numerous steps to reach the hotels or main attraction places
  • Your idea of a vacation is one with luxury.


The town after which the coast is named “Amalfi”, is one of the largest towns on the coast. After the famous Positano, this is the most sought after town. White washed houses clinging to the rocks with narrow stairways make Amalfi. Packed with medieval buildings, this is a place of interest for history lovers. Interestingly, the Church of Sant’ Andrea has paintings and a statue sculpted by Michelangelo. This town is in the middle of Sorrento and Salerno, making it the perfect base for visiting the other towns along the coast and the isle of Capri.

Chose Amalfi if:

  • You like to splurge but do not like nightlife
  • You like history and would love to visit the old churches , the Campanile bell tower and the museum.
  • You prefer a happening town but do now want it to be too crowded.
  • You do not have a car to get around. Being centrally located Amalfi has great bus and boat connections.


Praiano, a small fishing village just 15 minutes drive away from Positano, is a sleepy town that adds more local flavors to your experience. Praiano is one of the entry points for the famous hiking trail, the Path of the Gods, along the coast. Put on your hiking boots to climb up 1900 steps at the start of hike. But the view along the route is worth the effort.

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Cinque Terre Trek

If you are still yearning for more views, climb up Torre a Mare, a medieval watch tower by the sea. Then dip your tired feet in Marina di Praia beach just beside the tower. The beach is a natural fjord and that makes it perfect for swimming too .Another must visit is the Church of Saint Januarius. The sight of its blue dome decorated with intricate hand painted majolica tiles and terracotta floors are going to stay with you for long. If you want to splurge stay in Casa Angelina, a boutique stay inside an art gallery.
Overall if you want to experience Amalfi coast at the fullest but with authentic and local vibes, Praiano is the place.
Stay at Praiano if:
  • You want to feel authentic and local vibes of Amalfi
  • You just to relax at a beach that isn’t too crowded
  • You would like to explore the churches
  • You love trekking and would like to hike on the Path of the Gods

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Atrani is the most perfect place to stay along the Amalfi Coast. This perfectly authentic Italian town is only a five-minute walk from Amalfi town itself yet attracts a lot fewer tourists. With its perfect beach and typical Italian houses, Atrani is one of the most picture perfect places along the Amalfi Coast. Atrani has a impeccably preserved traditional way of Italian life. Compared to other towns in this area you really get a glimpse into traditional Italian life. In the middle of this picturesque town is a stunning traditional square lined with cafes and restaurants. At its centre there is a beautiful old water fountain. It is the most perfect place to sit with a perfectly crafted Italian coffee and watch the local life go by.

The beach is also especially stunning. With two beach clubs and a small public beach there are so many options. Compared to other towns, the sunbeds are a little more affordable. From Atrani you can easily explore the town of Amalfi and it is only a short bus journey to Ravello. Day trips to Capri and Positano are also made possible by this town’s close proximity to Amalfi harbor.

Church of San Salvatore de’ Birecto and the fortress – Torree Della Ziro overlooking the town form a part of major attractions of the town. You can also take a scenic walking trail from Atrani to Ravello.

Chose Atrani if:

  • You enjoy quite time at the sandy beach
  • You are on a budget
  • You like history and would love to explore the churches and the fortress. If you are a Dan Brown books fan then you would be interested in visiting the church of St. Mary Magdalene.

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Vietri Sul Mare

Located right around the corner near Salerno, white washed houses with terraced vineyards paint this town .Like every other town on the Amalfi coast , it offers great views and great food. What stands this town apart is brightly-colored earthenware pottery known as majolica. The colorful ceramics and dishes are a sough after item along the coast and many visitors stop by this town solely for the reason of purchasing them. The streets filled with ceramic murals and objects painted in lemon yellow make for a pretty sight.

Chose Vietri Sul Mare if:

  • You are a connoisseur of ceramics
  • You don’t wish to share the place with other tourists
  • You are looking for a quite getaway


Are you a beach person? If you answered Yes then this town is for you. Home to one of the largest beaches along the coast, Maiori offers great beachside accommodation without burning a hole in your pocket. It has a few more beaches that can be accessed only by boat. It is also known for its roman settlement and ruins of Benedictine abbey. The Church of Santa Maria Mare, known for its Majolica tile dome is a sight to behold.

Chose Maiori if:

  • You love beaches and like to laze around on a large beach
  • You love history and love to explore the churches and ruins\
  • You want to spend some quiet time with family and friends without having many tourists around
  • Its one of the lesser expensive towns on the coast


If you are a complete history buff then this town is for you! The ashes of Basilica de Santa were washed up on the shores of Minori and the townspeople built a church in her honor. Minori is located between Maiori and Ravello. Some major highlights included the Saint Nicola Convent, Roman Villa and Basilica di Santa Trofimena.

Chose Minori if:

  • You love history and love to explore the churches
  • You love a quiet time with your friends and family
  • Its one of the lesser expensive towns on the coast


The sleepy town of Ravello is the most romantic town along the Amalfi Coast line. Full of incredible Gardens and villas such as Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo, there is so much this incredible town has to offer. The town of Ravello sits up in the hills with Panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast line.

The most incredible thing about staying in Ravello is that you can stay in Villa Cimbrone itself. Staying in this beautiful hotel gives you access to the gardens before everyone else. Giving you access to the best view for sunrise along the whole of the Amalfi Coast. Ravello is also full of amazing places to eat, head to Villa Maria for the most incredible service and food. Make sure to make reservations as this beautiful villa gets booked up quickly!

Chose Ravello if:

  • You want a luxurious feel with stunning accommodation options
  • You want to spend a romantic weekend.
  • You would like to stay at a 450 year old mill in the Ravello valley – The Lemon Garden Villa in Ravello.

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How to travel to the Amalfi towns?

Sita Bus : A more economical option to explore the towns. The drawback here is that one isn’t guaranteed a seat here and can end up standing most of the way.

Ferries: What better way to explore the towns that to take a boat ride from one town to the other and enjoy stunning views along the way. All the towns are well connected by ferries.

Ferry from Salerno

Private Car: Not only is this an expensive option but parking can be a real task here! Not to mention the crazy traffic during peak season.

Scooty: This is the best way to explore the Amalfi coast. With wind blowing on your face and scenic views at every corner, you will enjoy a ride around the coast.

Have you been to the Amalfi Coast before? Which town was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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